21~ days~~ until choi youngjae’s birthday~~~

lee chaerin

오늘 팬미팅 까지 아미 여러분들 정말 수고 많으셨습니다! 지금 저녁먹기 딱인것같아요 저희두 먹고있으니까 밥드세요. 드시고 다음 무대때 적당히 소리질러주세요. 목이 아프니까요. 아미들 사진 잘 나왔네요. 굳. http://t.co/Nrm3ZZXY1J

Up till the fanmeeting today, ARMYs you’ve all worked really hard! I think it’s just right to have dinner now, we’re eating too so please have some food. At our next performance, don’t scream too much. Since your throats hurt. ARMYs the photo turned out nice. Good

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[points to any dragon] yes



korean fashion is to die for

it’s classy but still cute

rough but still elegant